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A sneak peak of just a few of the many specific topics covered in the course:

*What does God really think about sex?


*Where to find steamy tips for intoxicating, ecstatic lovemaking right in the Bible


*Why enjoying the "fleshly" sensuous pleasures of marital love is actually, one of the most spiritual things you can do.


*Is it possible to godly and sensuous at the same time?


*How to release your painful past to experience a liberating, sex life - enjoy fabulous freedom.  


*Explore 5 common reasons women don't reach out for help


* Is one of those reasons keeping you from flourishing as a whole, healthy woman God wants you to be?


*How to forgive your abusers and move on


*How to become a sexually confident woman


*How to respond if your husband always has the urge to merge and is constantly on the prowl


*The surprisingly simple but profound spiritual exercise you can do today to help you claim and celebrate your God-given sexual potential


* The top four sexual characteristics of most men your mother didn’t know


*What to do if you have lost your sexual passion


*How to respond when your husband is the one with the headache


*How to use the "menu planning approach to sexual relations that cuts out guesswork, mind games and power struggles so sex is a win-win


* My 3 - 5-minute secret to radically infuse energy into your sex life


*How to respond if you have a greater sex drive than your husband 


*Why your body, just as it is, is guaranteed to turn your husband on, once you make a crucial shift in your thinking


*What are the two top ways to turn on your husband 


*How to set boundaries in the bedroom 


*How to recover from infidelity 


*Strategies for muscling through those exhausting preschoolers’ years -Having a baby and raising kids should not make you celibate


* Why you need to understand the seasons of a marriage and how they affect your love life.

*How to plan a successful getaways and steamy theme nights


*What men are really saying when they ask you to wear something sexy to bed


* Why it is critically important you talk candidly with your finance about sexual histories and expectations before after your wedding.


*Discover the #1 reason women don't want sex 


*What men wish their wives knew about who does what in bed. Critical connections men make between what goes on in the bedroom and the rest of our marriage that you can't afford to miss if you want to keep him happy and faithful 


*Specific ideas for pleasing and affirming your husband that can fuel much greater passion


*The 4 most common roadblocks that keep couples from communicating freely about sex and how you and your husband can get around them 


*How simply asking your husband to name is "sex-pectations can add exciting zest to your relationship. Many actual questions you can ask your husband and yourself to spark the open honest conversations you need to make your sex life more generous and joyful.


*Why spontaneous sex isn't always the best sex


* How taking time to map out special love moments nourishes your marriage on every level. 

* Learn an easy-to-implement strategy to help you focus on and reach meaningful goals in your marriage.


* How to inject everyday moments with marital magic to turn them into real romance boosters.


* The surprising lessons you can learn from one of the Bible's most scandalous women about making your husband happy.

*Easy and effective ways to "enter the world of your husband" that will make you even more desirable to him.

*Biblical proof that God designed women to enjoy sex as much as men 

*How to embrace your God-given sexuality without guilt or inhibition

*Critical questions to ask before having an intimate conversation 

* Discover the biggest enemy of your sex life 

*Many actual questions you can ask your husband and yourself to spark the open honest conversations you need to make your sex life more generous and joyful.

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