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Meet the Hot and Holy LadyRuth Clarence
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H2O Radio - Valentines SpecialRuth Clarence
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Why God Endorses SexRuth Clarence
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Hot and Holy LadyRuth Clarence
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Ruth Clarence makes an excellent guest for a radio program or podcast. I interviewed her for Grow On the Go which airs on Joy radio in the Greater Toronto Area and is hosted by Faith Strong Today as a podcast.She was lively, witty and definitely knows her subject matter. The materials she sent ahead of the interview  made preparation  easy and interviewing her almost effortless.

Donna Carter  |  Speaker, Author, Broadcaster, Podcaster of Grow On The Go

"She’s vivacious, full of humour and personality and was a pleasure to interview."

Marcus Hart  |  Host / Executive Producer of Transform U Radio

"The response of the viewers to her appearance have been every positive.  We have had her on our show three times!"

Paul Willoughy  |  Producer of 100 Huntley Street

"I loved having Ruth on my show and can’t wait till the episode airs because I know it’s going to help so many women to really understand God’s view on sex and how the Bible has a very pro-sexual message–a topic not usually addressed from the pulpit. Ruth is so confident talking about a couple's relationship that makes it easy for listeners to enter into the conversation and break-off unhealthy mindsets, always peppering her conversation with humour and hope. Ruth gets honest about sex for Christian women without getting graphic and candidly shares truth that will set women free to experience a love-life God has intended for them. I know she'll be a great guest on your show too." 

Sherry Stahl  |  Host / Producer of H2O Radio


"Ruth is articulate, energetic, and a fun guest who motivates people to enjoy their sex life to the full. I've already been making plans to have her back soon!"

Brian Crombie  | Host / Producer of The Brian Crombie Show 

"I loved interviewing Ruth!  This topic she shares is so needed and should be heard by every Christian woman. Her interview was not embarrassing at all, very tasteful and brimming with great content. Loved it!!"

Dr. Angela  |  Host / Producer of Modern Living

"Wow! What a fun lady, full of tasteful ideas and strategies to keep your love life piping hot!  It was so refreshing to hear a Minister’s wife talk about sex with such clarity, and so candidly."  

Audrey Meisner  |  Host / Producer of It’s A New Day

"Her enthusiastic, bubbly personality was evident as she shared Biblical truth about godly sexuality.  Her presentation was so tasteful and informative.  Anyone listening to her would have had great take home value. You won’t be disappointed!"

Renae Paul  |  Producer of Miracle Channel

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