Fix No Sex Marriage

For Men

Sick of your SEXLESS
boring marriage?
Tired of ongoing rejection in the bedroom?
Can’t figure out why your wife hates sex?
Need a safe place to vent?
An empathic ear?
(aka. the Christian Dr. Ruth)
Is a marriage expert counsellor / coach and best selling author, who helps men understand their wive’s unique sexual needs, and how to develop a deeper, stronger intimate life with fresh energy and zest!

Ruth has talked to hundreds of ladies at her live HOT and HOLY LADY SEMINARS and KNOWS how women think and what they are looking for in the bedroom. She will give you sound, practical advice and proven strategies on how to keep your wife SMILING in the bedroom and begging for more!


She will help you FIX your bedroom problems, give you a WOMAN’S perspective and get the HEAT happening between the sheets in no time!


Your dream of an EXCITING, FULFILLING, EXHILARATING bedroom life can become a reality!


Why not book a private, confidential, (anonymous) phone session with Ruth. TODAY!


She’s helped hundreds of men REVITALIZE and REIGNITE their sex life.

Need some coaching on how to understand and meet your wife’s sexual needs?
Book a private phone appointment with Ruth.
What the other guys are saying!

“Ruth was a lifesaver!  Our sex life was non-existent.  She helped me figure out why my wife hated sex and more importantly how to FIX it!”


“Appreciated Ruth’s wisdom and perspective of a woman.  Understanding my wife’s sexual needs has always been a challenge, but Ruth shed much light on what I could do better to ignite our passion.


“I loved that I could safely vent to a Christian woman who specializes in this important area. To be able to get this help anonymously was a great perk.  Who can a man talk to about his frustrations these days – especially from a Biblical perspective?”


“Wow! God helped me find Ruth by a random chance. She was the person I needed to help us get our sex life back on track.  Highly Recommend!”


“My wife and I were ready to split – Sex was a major contributor to that fact – Ruth to the rescue! She helped us reconnect and revitalize our marriage.  Thank God! Don’t hesitate to call her.”


“Men like me often find it difficult to reach out for help.  I’m glad I finally did.  Was a game changer for our marriage.”


“My wife and I have been married for years – sex was always a bone of contention, but we didn’t know how to fix it We should have reached out for this valuable coaching LONG ago which helped us immensely in this area.


“Why didn’t we find her earlier? She’s practical, sensible, Biblically-based and very professional. Glad we connected.”


“As a newly-wed we were not getting our sex life started in a healthy way.  We decided to reach out for help immediately so we would not get into unhealthy patterns or bad ruts.  Thanks Ruth for being so supportive and helpful.”

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Hot and Holy Lady Seminars.

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Hey guys!

You can trust this lady's advice! She knows her stuff and practises what she preaches! 

Her smiling and very satisfied husband,
- Simon 
Need some coaching on how to understand and meet your wife’s sexual needs?
Book a private phone appointment with Ruth.


Ruth is currently developing a men's course.

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